Planting God’s Word to Grow Relationships

Planting God’s Word to Grow Relationships

(Continuing our fruit growing process)


In the last post, we mentioned the humus soil that needs to be in Little Pot … which for each of us represents HUMILITY.


Since then, our saints have learned about the seed that needs to take root. The seed is God’s Word. Jesus tells us a parable about good soil and explains that the seed that can grow in the good soil is the word of God. (Luke 8:11)




Before we can move on to the integrity and relationship side of fruit bearing, it is important to always remember that God’s Word is the thing that produces life! So often we try to have integrity and good relationships without reading, hearing, and studying God’s Word. We spent this week talking with our saints about how they can have more of God’s Word in their lives. They agreed that attending AWANA is a great way. Going to Bible Studies, like the Soul Train and Sunday School, will also help them to hear and know God’s Word. The most important thing we can do as a family is read God’s Word together too. Our saints were encouraged to read their Bibles at home with you.



Once the seed or word of God is planted in them, integrity will stem. The next week we learned specifically what integrity is. The stem is straight, and the book of Proverbs tells us all about how being crooked means that they are acting sneaky and trying to get away with doing something that will not show integrity.  (Proverbs 10:9, 11:3, 19:1, 28:6) Crooked people might be successful and can even get rich, but God’s word tells us that honest people are people with integrity. It is better to have integrity and be poor than to be rich. We even compared that to how cheating might help us get better grades, but that having poor grades and being honest is better!



If we act with integrity, we can foster relationships. During this week, we had lessons about what leafs do for a plant. The students knew all about photosynthesis, which means changing something (synthesis) through light (photo). The leaf in our model represents the relationships that we can have with others. We learned that our relationships should change us through God. We listed people that we should have relationships with and gave some very practical ways to keep those relationships Godly or full of light.