Sweet Tea and Children

Sweet Tea and Children

Last night at our Parent Orientation, Pastor Tim shared these words of wisdom with our families.


by Rev. Tim Robertson

Teaching children how to live and choose wisely is time consuming and difficult.

We carry cell phones … cell phones have so much potential for good. They also remind us the world around us is full of fear, rejection, hate and uncertainty.

Those experiences and emotions aren’t what we want for our children. Parents work hard to protect their children from those negative influences. Parents work tirelessly to provide the safest environment and carefully select the best adults to train and coach their children.

This isn’t easy … life is hard … and more often than not families are struggling with this world where our children are growing up and experiencing life.

Where do you go to find answers? Where can you bring your children to find unrelenting hope, unconditional acceptance and uncompromising coaching?

The church is your answer.

This is the place adults show up week after week committed to show God’s unconditional love and acceptance to your child.

The church is the place children can learn how to make wise choices and choose friends wisely.

The church is the place where we can laugh and be silly and experience a glimpse of what heaven will be like.

The church is the place where what matters most is where you are going not where you have been and to discover how God is shaping you; not to experience how the world is squeezing you.

You see; there is no other place on this earth like the church. It’s the place your children will love to attend if you give them a reason to come.

For our families that have chosen Central Christian Academy, thank you for allowing us to partner with you regarding your child’s education. The school your child attends is very important and here at CCA our educators have been working tirelessly preparing for you. But, CCA or the school of your choice is only part of the total experience you child needs. It’s the home, the church, and the school.

I love sweet ice tea and it takes three items to have a great glass of tea; water, tea and sugar. When one is missing it doesn’t work.

Home … Church … School … if one is missing; don’t fool yourself, it doesn’t work.