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How to Create an Easy DIY Holiday Ornament with Little Pot

Looking for DIY holiday ornament this Christmas? Coming up with a creative Christmas ornaments for your children to make and add to your tree each year can be a challenge. But, Little Pot has an idea to help you create ornaments and start a Christmas ornament tradition. He’s here to give you a step by step guide and template so you can add your own little pot to your Christmas tree this year and each year as your “little fruit pot” grows.

Christmas Tree Ornament Craft Ideas

Little Pot can be turned into all sorts of things at Christmas time. For example, if you turn a little pot upside down, you can find DIY holiday ornaments that look like snowmen, angels, reindeer, Santa, and even Christmas trees. You only need to search Pinterest to find an endless reservoir of creative ideas.

Christmas tree ornament craft ideas shared by Little Pot and Dawn Stephens books
You can find a lot of ways to turn a small clay pot into a Christmas ornament.

Begin your DIY Holiday Ornament by reading The Little Pot

The first step in making your ornament a special yearly addition is to read the story of The Little Pot. Each year, your child will learn that they were created for a special purpose. As they reread the story, they will see how Little Pot searches for its purpose. Likewise, we tend to search for our purpose again and again. So, reading this story over and over is a great reminder of why the potter (God) created us.

read The Little Pot by Dawn Stephens together at Christmas
Begin by reading The Little Pot together.

Imagine Ways you Grew the Fruit of the Spirit

As Little Pot imagines all the different ways the potter can use it, similarly, your child can reflect on the different ways that our creator has used them. Have your child to think of ways that the fruit of the Spirit has grown through them this year and make a list. In addition, you can download this FREE fruit of the spirit chart to record their answers.

 use this FREE fruit of the Spirit chart by Dawn Stephens Books to think of ways you have grown the fruit of the Spirit this year.
Use this FREE fruit of the Spirit chart to record how you have grown the fruit of the Spirit this year.

A DIY Holiday Ornament with Little Pot

Watch how to make the little pot ornaments and how to put Christmas ornaments on the tree.

Supplies for your DIY Holiday Ornament

Gather the following items to make a Little Pot ornament,

  • Googly eyes
  • Buttons
  • String or ornament hooks
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Small clay pots
How to make a Little Pot Christmas tree ornament

Then follow these steps:

  1. Glue googly eyes on the clay pot and draw a nose and mouth with a black permanent marker.
  2. Put a string or ornament hook through the holes in a button.
  3. Put the hook or string through the hole in the bottom of the clay pot.
  4. Fasten the button to the bottom with glue
  5. Using the hook or string, hang the pot on your tree.
  6. Each time you look at your ornament, think of how the potter has used you to grow fruit this past year.

After you’ve made a Little Pot ornament, write the year with your sharpie marker on it. Then use your fruit chart and choose one thing you did the past year that was fruitful. Write it on a piece of paper and glue it inside of the ornament so each year , you’ll remember how the potter used you to grow fruit that year.

Put a note inside your Little Pot ornament to remember how the potter used you this past year
remember to write the year on your ornament and put a note inside to remember how the potter used you this past year

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