Happy launch day. a new children's picture book arrives today.

Happy Launch Day! A new children’s book picture book arrives today.

Happy Launch Day! It’s here! The day we’ve been waiting for. A new children’s picture book arrives today! The book is called Burnout Fit In. It’s the story of two vessels. One faces burnout, and the other learns that it fits in. In this new children’s book, literal words, allegories, and metaphors weave together to teach us essential spiritual truths.

Hi, I’m Little Pot. I’m a vessel created by the potter to grow fruit. You can read my story in the children’s book: The Little Pot. But today, we are celebrating another book. Burnout Fit In launches today!

This story started to form in March 2016. I traveled to Israel and began working on a story about an oil lamp. That story became a children’s picture book titled, The Oil Lamp. That book had a significant message about shining your light for the potter. As I began researching ideas for that book, God began planting seeds in me for another. Learning to shine for Jesus is essential. However, we sometimes don’t consider what it takes to keep shining. We might shine for a season, and then … then, we burn out.

happy launch day a new children's picture book is being released today.
Happy launch day! A new children’s picture book is being released today.

Unboxing the excellent news.

As I considered this idea, God brought me on a journey. As my author, Dawn, continued to write about an oil lamp and the importance of shining, she was in a high leadership position at my church.

Likewise, The Oil Lamp book ends as the potter places the little vessel atop a lamp stand to shine for the other vessels. That is where God left Dawn and me too. She had a position over teachers, students, and parents. She sat above them and knew God wanted her to shine His light into their lives continually. As she did, she grew tired and constantly needed the Holy Spirit to refuel her. Likewise, the little oil lamp needed to be refueled too. Oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Dawn regularly met with God and read her Bible. However, having the energy she needed some days was still challenging.

Burnout Fit In is a new children's book released today.
Burnout Fit In is a new children’s book released today.

Discover what’s inside for a happy launch day.

In the new children’s book Burnout Fit In, there are two vessels that the potter has plans for. The Oil Lamp sits in a position above the other vessels. It seemed that the potter created it not to need anyone. However, the story is also about another vessel. This vessel is a cracked jar that has been forgotten. It rolls under the table and sits amongst the ashes of the kiln.

Dawn’s time in that leadership position ended in 2020. She and her husband moved away and left their friends and church family behind. They moved for her husband’s job. Therefore, Dawn was not working except for writing more books. And she knew no one, just like the other vessel in this story; she wondered if the potter had forgotten her. She had scars and wounds from her previous positions, just like the cracked container.

As the story goes, the potter uses the damaged jar to replenish the lamp’s oil. The jar was designed to “fit in” the top of the oil lamp. And the crack was the very thing that let just the right amount of the oil seep into the lamp. The potter had always meant for the two vessels to work together and not be alone.

Discover a new children's book about two vessels that burnout and fit in.
Discover a new children’s book about two vessels that face burnout and learn to fit in.

A new children’s picture book.

This book has been seven years in the making. Maybe not a full seven years of writing and illustrating. But, it has been a seven-year journey of the potter helping us understand how these little vessels felt and exactly how the potter was using them.

a new children's book has arrived. Read Burnout Fit In with the Little Pot.
A new children’s book has arrived. Read Burnout Fit In with the Little Pot.

Happy Launch Day to the book: Burnout Fit In

In conclusion, the oil lamp is facing burnout. It is running low on oil and needs the potter to replenish it. The potter does but in an unexpected way. He uses a forgotten cracked jar. The wound of this vessel filters the oil into the lamp so it can continue to shine. As you read this story, you will see that oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Likewise, you’ll understand that the potter’s vessels need each other. As bad things happen throughout life, wounds will be there to help others. That is why Burnout Fit In is a great way to help us all overcome loneliness.

Here’s a video explaining the book.

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what is fruit of the spirit and how to grow and cultivate it

You can purchase these books here in our store, and they can be signed by the author specifically for your little graduate. The books are also available on Amazon.

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