The Potter Series, Three Book Set


$50.00 $45.00

In this three-book set, you will get the first award-winning book, The Little Pot along with the sequel, The Tea Pot, and the third episode in the trilogy, The Oil Lamp.

This exclusive offer is only available through Dawn Stephens Books.


Get all three books from the Potter Series at once!

Follow Little Pot as it grows fruit and meets new vessels that the potter creates. Just as our creator uses others to help us grow, children will discover how the different vessels in the workshop learn from each other and how the potter uses relationships to make us more fruitful.


Additional information

Weight .68038855 kg
Dimensions 28 × 21.6 × 2 cm
The Potter Series 3-Book-Set

Three hard-cover books. Each book is 27.94 × 21.59 × 0.635 cm and 36-38 full-color pages.

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