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I have been sprouting stories just like Little Pot. Our story is probably a lot like yours. Don’t forget to click on the button below and tell me all about you. I am excited to partner with you and sprout our stories together!

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sprouting stories as a paper pot!

As a child, I never enjoyed school. The curriculum my teachers used bored me. I tried to be creative and drew pictures on my papers.  Consequently, I got in trouble and decided I would NEVER be a teacher.

After high school, I set out to find a career and met a college student who was able to draw pictures and be creative within her coursework. Unknowingly, I said I would major in the same field. Ironically, she was an elementary education major and I became a teacher.

After college, my story sprouted as a public school teacher. My career filled me with new knowledge about all types of education. I felt very smart. My colleagues in the private school strictly followed assigned textbooks and were not free to be as creative.  I decided then that I would NEVER work in a private school.

Our creative teaching left us with the challenge of knowing that all students, regardless of background and socioeconomic status were given the same expectations. I joined forces with other educators, studied harder, and helped to develop common standards.

sprouting stories of papers
Little Pot holds papers and feels very smart.
sprouting stories with coins
Little Pot holds coins and feels very rich.

sprouting stories as a coin pot!

As the years passed, I had children of my own and needed to spend more time taking care of them. That meant less time being a teacher. I reluctantly left the classroom.

My story kept sprouting as I continued to create fun resources for kids. This led to running my own business. For a time, I was successful except for my materials never selling or making a lot of money. After my children got older, I decided to look for work outside the home again (As long as I NEVER have to sell).

A publishing company wanted to hire me. I was very excited, thinking I would be able to create books and resources for kids. When they offered me a job, however, it was to sell their books to private schools. My story was sprouting into something I never thought I would do. I became a salesperson and began working with private schools.

By creating activities and developing fun ways their books could be used in classrooms. my accounts were buying more and more books. My story sprouted more and more money as I became a successful salesperson. I was financially filling myself while helping private school teachers be creative. I loved this job!

being emptied.

sprouting stories and is empty and sad.
Little Pot is empty and sad.

Due to structural changes within the company, the division was cut and I had to leave a job that I loved. My story no longer seemed to sprout anything. I was left feeling empty and sad. I had no idea what God was doing with my life or what He wanted me to do next.

sprouting stories of fruit
Little Pot is a fruit pot and grows fruit.

sprouting stories with fruit

It was through these experiences that The Little Pot story originated.

It took me many years and many jobs to learn that God created me simply to be a vessel in which He could grow His fruit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

I was so focused on the things God allowed me to hold in life that I allowed them to define who I was. After The Little Pot was published, I became a  principal so God could use me to grow the fruit of the Spirit.

Fast forward ten years, and I am still making creative teaching resources, still helping parents and teachers like you, and still allowing the potter to grow fruit through me.

Now, I want to help you become a fruit pot too!

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