The Little Pot is a charming parable-like children’s picture book that gently teaches and encourages children to rest in God’s hands no matter how He chooses to use them throughout their lives. Written from Little Pot’s point of view, we journey with the humble little pot through its changes in purpose, through its uncertainties about its role in life, and its yearning to be used by the potter. Each time the potter chooses a new role for the Little Pot it rejoices, each resting time between roles is a time during which Little Pot needs to trust the potter and his purposes.

It is difficult to capture in words the appeal of The Little Pot. My children gather around and listen carefully each time I read the story. The repetition is appealing, as is the range of emotions Little Pot goes through, and The Little Pot appeals on many levels. My youngest children are happy to take the story at face value. My seven-year-old is twigging in to the underlying allegorical message, and I myself also appreciate the spiritual message to be found within its pages.

Stephens is not only author, but illustrator as well, and her digitally generated art is both warm and appealing, with Little Pot sporting sweetly anthropomorphic facial expressions and the potter being depicted as a fair of hands. The inherent spiritual lesson to be found in this hardcover make it an excellent choice for Sunday School classes or for children’s lessons at church, as well as for reading together as a family.

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