3 ways to celebrate easter basket with Little Pot

Three Happy Ways to Celebrate Easter Basket with Little Pot

There are ways to celebrate Easter Basket. Little Pot and its friends have three new ways that can make the Easter season more delightful.

A Little Pot as the Basket

use a clay pot as an easter basket and read The Little Pot
Use a clay pot as an easter basket and read The Little Pot

Instead of a traditional basket, why not use a clay Pot instead. You can fill it with traditional Easter basket items or use it to plant something that will grow. Pair the easter pot with The Little Pot picture book to create a truly happy gift.

Ways to Celebrate Easter Basket? Make Tea Pot the Basket.

a tea pot can be used for an easter basket read The TeaPot by Dawn Stephens
A teapot can be used for an Easter basket.

You can also use a Tea Pot instead of the traditional Easter Basket. Pairing this container with The Tea Pot picture book makes a great way for children to connect the Easter holiday to serving others.

The Oil Lamp as an Easter Gift

an oil lamp is not big enough for an easter basket, but The Oil Lamp book is a great Easter story
Read The Oil Lamp and discuss how important it is to shine at Easter.

An oil lamp is too small for an Easter basket. However, pairing it with The Oil Lamp picture book will help children to realize that even though they are small, they have a bright light to shine. Their lights shine brightest when they tell others about Jesus and Easter is a perfect time to share Him with the world.

Each of these vessels has a unique relationship with its creator, the potter. Easter is more special and happy when our children are in a close relationship with their creator too. After all, we need to make sure our children are celebrating the day that Jesus rose from the grave instead of a day when they eat candy from baskets. Consequently, I would love to help you instill a stronger friendship between your child(ren) and The Potter. Discover the unique way you were created. Just fill in your name and email below to get started.

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