is candy chocolate? ways to do a favorite candy sort to

Is Candy Chocolate? Ways to do a Favorite Candy Sort

Is candy chocolate? What proof can you give for your answer? Questions, graphing, and sorting activities are fun this time of year. Kids are likely collecting a lot of candy around October 31st. Therefore, why not use candy as an educational tool? Begin your lessons by reading The Little Pot,

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your life story do you trust the almighty author

Your life story. Do you trust the almighty author?

Your life story is full of good and bad events. As the main character, you are growing and changing throughout the story. The story’s author creates the setting, beginning, plot, climax, and ending. All stories contain key elements, and your life story is not any different. However, as the main

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success in ministry

3 Ideas Jesus followed for Success in Ministry

Success in ministry might be hard to define. However, observing three ideas from Mark 1 will give us practical steps to follow. As Jesus began His ministry on earth, he followed three methods that I think are important for us to do too. Teaching, running preschools, leading Bible Studies, blogging,

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Fruit of the spirit ripens after death

How the fruit of the Spirit ripens beyond the vessel

The fruit of the Spirit ripens after harvest. Bananas go from green to yellow as they sit in the grocery store. Avocados are not ready to eat until they have darkened too. Likewise, strawberries grow sweeter after picking. These thoughts resonated with me this week as I thought about the

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My book characters and I are here to help you sprout fruitful life stories! Together we’ll make sure the little people in your life understand how to have a relationship with their creator. I can’t wait for you to join me on this fruit-bearing journey! 🪴

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