author event at bookstore Dawn Stephens reads The Little Pot

Author Visit to Schools, Churches, Homeschool Groups, and Camp Retreats.

Looking for an author to visit your school, church, or homeschool group? I love to interact with children and share my books in person. My experience as a teacher and principal help me know exactly how to conduct a successful author visit. When I worked for a publisher who did book fairs, I also got to organize an author visit to schools. My favorite times were when I would travel with Bill Myers and Angela Hunt. I learned a lot from watching them do amazing author events. I can do an inspirational talk during Chapel, a story reading, a simple clay pottery craft, a workshop on how to write a story, or a combination.

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Author visits for all ages

My books and stories are inspiring for children and adults. Therefore, I have done author visits to schools and other events for students from preschool through college. I adjust the talk to meet the needs of the audience. Parents enjoy hearing my message just as much as children. If you have a special school event coming up, why not add an author visit to it?

When children meet the author or illustrator of a book, they gain a deeper love for reading. They become inspired to write and illustrate their own stories.

author event at a Chik-Fil-A reading the Little POt and making little pots with clay
At a Chik-Fil-A author event, Dawn makes little clay pots with the guests.

All ages love The Little Pot

If your organization is Christian, I’ll share how my author’s journey is a testament to God working in my life. Each of my books has a spiritual meaning that illustrates important aspects of the Christian walk. They also build on each other. Consequently, I have presented at a three-day camp retreat for high school students and been a guest speaker at women’s conferences. Of course, short events at schools, churches, and homeschool events can be scheduled too. If your organization needs to keep the event less spiritual, I’ll adjust the talk accordingly. I have spoken at public schools as well as private schools.

author visit to schools churches camps etc with Dawn Stephens
I love to do author visits at schools and interact with my readers.

Author Visit Fee

According to Google, honorariums for an author’s visit to schools can range between $200 and $5,000 per day, which does not include costs for travel (airfare, taxi, parking), lodging (if needed), and related expenses (meals, other necessities). My fee is usually about $600/day plus travel expenses. If I am only doing one short presentation at a church or civic event, it can be as low as $100 or simply a “love offering.”

Because I was a private school administrator, I understand how tight budgets are. Therefore, I am willing to do events at any amount your organization can afford. Contact me to discuss additional ways we can work together to make your event work for us.

I want to make it affordable for you.

It is possible to waive the fee with book sales. Books should be purchased by your students well in advance of the event. That way, there is time to ship the books and give them to the students when I am there. I love to sign each book with the child. After the presentation, students can form a line with their book and bring it to me to sign and take a quick picture. I can set it up so your families can purchase books from the website store. Likewise, I have designed order forms for students to take home and fill out.

If you use the order forms, you will collect the monies and send one bulk order to me. If you wish to make the book sales as a fundraiser, you can set the price of the books a little higher and keep the extra money. Each book costs $17.95, or they can purchase a set of all three books for $48.95. If your school sells more than 150 books, the $600 fee is covered. The printing and shipping of the books require fifteen to twenty days. Consequently, it is important to have a schedule planned well before the event.

students create and show their own Little Pot craft at the author visit to schools
Students can create their own Little Pots at the author event

Author Event Schedule

The following schedule will help make an author’s visit to schools or anywhere successful. If you sign up below, I will send you this information as a part of the event planner, and you can write in your dates.

___________ Schedule the event with Dawn: 12 weeks before the event, submit your event information to Dawn and make sure she is available to be there. 

___________ Planning Session: 10 to 8 weeks before the event, meet with teachers, volunteers, and organizers to discuss the campaign. Set a goal to sell 100, 500, or even 1,000 books before the event. Hang signs and begin promoting the event in the community. 

___________ Campaign Launch Date: Seven weeks before Dawn’s appearance date, the campaign officially opens. Get your students and volunteers excited about the event. Begin taking orders for the books. If using the order form, send it home with a parent letter. If families order online, send the parent letter home with specific instructions. Also, send emails with the link and include the information in the school newsletter. Hang up posters around the school. Build excitement.

Five weeks before the event

___________ Campaign Close Date: Five weeks before the event, the campaign officially closes. If using order forms, collect them from your students/volunteers and make copies for your records. Complete the Group Order Form and make sure monies are carefully reconciled. Email Dawn at with the total number of books sold and arrange payment via the website, Venmo, or Paypal. Payment will be due before shipment and should be submitted immediately to ensure timely book delivery. Any book orders received after this date will include shipping charges and are not guaranteed to be at the event. If families order online, the free shipping coupon will no longer work, and the books will not be guaranteed to be at the event.

___________ Delivery Date: You should receive the books within two days of the event unless it is prearranged for Dawn to bring them with her.

___________ Celebrity Author/Illustrator Appearance Date. Have a designated place for Dawn to sit and rest between presentations. Provide some water bottles. It is not necessary to have them cold, room temperature water is preferred. Have a table set with pens for the book signing area. Distribute books to students before the book signing event. 

Dawn Stephens, author of The Little Pot signs books for fans
The event should allow a special time and place for book signings.

Ways to promote your author visit.

Posters and advertising graphics will be provided for you to print and display in the Event Planner Kit.

The more you promote the event, the better an author’s visit can be. Therefore, it is a good idea to contact any media outlets. This also promotes your author’s visit to schools or churches and lets your community know that great things are happening on your campus. Contact your local radio, TV, and Newspapers.

I will create a Facebook Event at In addition, I’ll add your school or church page as a co-host. Then you can invite families and guests to attend. This allows your families to see what is happening.

Here is a list of other ways you should promote the author’s visit to schools or other venues:

  • List the event in your organization’s newsletter. Include a flyer in weekly parent folders.
  • Create a countdown of days until the event to build excitement.
  • Mention it often in your morning announcements
  • Share the event on social media posts.
  • Share the event on your website.
  • List the event on your organization’s calendar of events
  • Post the event on exterior signage 

You can download a FREE Author Visit Event Packet Here!

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