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2 Corinthians 3:2-3

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hi, I'm Dawn

I love sharing creative teaching resources. My story sprouted as an award-winning children’s author/illustrator,  school principal, classroom teacher, Bible study leader, mother, and grandma. Above all, I love helping parents and educators confidently and creatively teach children about God and His creation. Similarly, you have a unique and special story. Therefore, let’s grow ours together.

How I can help you with creative teaching resources

Homeschooling Parents

Your story requires you to be your child’s teacher, principal, and parent. Therefore, you’re the single authority in your child’s growth. 

You have to be extra creative because your child works with you every day and every year. 

Similarly, I have raised 3 children & now enjoy being a grandma. I’m here to give you new ideas & share in sprouting your story.

Private School Educators

Your school is a family. You work closely with each child’s parent and provide customer service for the “business” of education.

Consequently, you have to be extra creative because your students are paying customers.

Likewise, I spent more than 10 years as a private school principal & am here to give you new ideas & share in sprouting your story.

Public School Teachers

You teach all types of students from diverse backgrounds. Above all, your story calls you to be a light in an institution that rejects Christ. 

You have to be extra creative in sharing the love of Jesus within legal restrictions.

I taught Kdg, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade in 4 public school systems. After that, I gained new ideas & want to share in sprouting your story.

Children's Church Workers

Your story entails teaching all age levels weekly, for only a short period of time. Moreover, your students choose to attend your class.

As a result, you have to be extra creative so your students enjoy & remember God’s Word. 

I have served in Children’s ministry practically my whole life. Therefore, I’m here to give you new ideas & share in sprouting your story.

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