an eagle flying and sitting while demonstrating some of the 7 positional and opposite words hidden in lyrics for humpty dumpty

Seven Hard Positional and Opposite Words Hidden in Lyrics for Humpty Dumpty

In these lyrics for Humpty Dumpty, students will learn what is positional words and what is opposite words.

What is Positional Words

Positional Words are typically taught in preschool and kindergarten. They are words that describe the location of something with respect to another object. Without an understanding of opposites, children may have a harder time understanding these words. Youtube offers videos and songs that encourage preschoolers to sing about prepositions of place.

humpty dumpty lyrics that teach about positions
New lyrics from Humpty Dumpty teach children about positional words and opposites.

Lyrics for Humpty Dumpty teach What is Opposite Words

Opposite words are two words with completely different meanings. We can find opposite words within any part of speech. They can be nouns, verbs, adjectives, or adverbs. For this reason, opposites are a much broader concept than positions. Therefore, understanding opposites can be more difficult for young children. It is important to realize that learning what opposite words are is different than understanding positions. However, they go together. If a child is able to demonstrate and describe opposite positions, their understanding of the concept is growing.

Humpty Dumpty Learns About Positions, a printable book and eBook to gives activities for positional words
Printable and eBook provides activities for positional words

In the book, Humpty Dumpty Learns About Positions, the lyrics include seven different groups of these words. Students enjoy reading and reciting a familiar rhyme while gaining knowledge of how these words are used. The seven positional and opposite words kids learn in this version of Humpty Dumpty are:

  1. on – off
  2. over – under
  3. in – out
  4. left – right
  5. above – below
  6. fast- slow
  7. around – to

Activities for Positional Words

An activity for positional words using an eagle on a popsicle stick
Use this Humpty Dumpty eagle on a popsicle stick to show students positional words

The best activities for positional words should engage students in the demonstration. Get students active and use their behaviors as a way to assess if they understand the words. It is important to remember that their ability to demonstrate the positions and recognize them in others are two different skills. Young children may be able to describe that they are above something without seeing that someone else is also above the item.

Eagle to cut and glue on popsicles stick for activities for positional words
Print, cut, and glue on a popsicle stick to use with activities for positional words

First, find an item such as a small stuffed animal, a pencil, or, the picture of Humpty Dumpty below printed and secured on the end of a popsicle stick. Then, ask the students to put the item over their heads. Next, ask them to put the item under their chair. Repeat the directions using other positional words from the list. Then ask the student to be the teacher and give you the directions while watching you place the object in the correct position.

Humpty Dumpty book that will teach what is positional words and other mother goose books
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