4 Unique Children’s Stories focused in Scriptures on Potter and Clay

scriptures on potter and clay 4 children's stories

The imagery of a potter and clay is a powerful metaphor used throughout the Bible to illustrate God’s love and plan for his people. These four children’s stories bring this imagery to life in a way that is easy for young readers to understand, making them perfect for teaching about God’s love and plan.

I’m so lonely. How to Overcome Loneliness, Be Found, and Fit in.

I'm so lonely. How to overcome loneliness, be found and fit in.

Feeling lonely is a common experience for many people, and it can be especially challenging for children. But there are ways to overcome loneliness and connect with others. This new children’s book offers helpful tips and strategies for combating loneliness and finding a sense of belonging.

What to get a kindergartener for graduation. Four books they will really love.

what to get a kindergartener for graduation 4 books they will really love

Graduating from kindergarten or preschool is a big milestone for young children, and you may be wondering what gift to give to celebrate their achievement. While toys and games are always popular choices, consider giving a gift that will last for years to come – a book. Here are some recommendations for books that will grow with your child from kindergarten all the way through twelfth grade.

4 Books About Christian Relationships for Kids.

books about Christian relationships

If you want to help your children nurture their faith as individuals and within their relationships, these four must-read picture books on Christian relationships can provide the guidance you need. Through understanding, love, and accountability, each story will remind your kids that they can have a fulfilling relationship with their creator. Likewise, they will discover […]

How to manage burnout feeling.

burnout feeling - how to manage burnout

Burnout feeling is a state of mental, physical, or emotional exhaustion. Anyone can experience burnout if they are overwhelmed by fatigue, lack of motivation, and increased irritability. The fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control seem absent during burnout. However, burnout feelings do not need to control you. There […]

How Corduroy’s search for a friend can lead us to one.

how Corduroy's search for friend can lead us to one. by Dawn Stephens Books

We all search for a friend at times. Young children need friends from the stuffed animals surrounding their bed to the strangers they boldly say hello to in stores and restaurants. God created us with a desire for relationships. We were created in His image and He desires a relationship with us too. It is through our searching for a friend, that Christ finds us. A great book that I believe illustrates our searching and God’s finding is Corduroy by Don Freeman.

3 Ways Dr. Seuss lyrics can easily teach children how to read

How Dr. Seuss lyrics teach children to read

Dr. Seuss lyrics can be heard on Dr. Seuss Radio. In short, it is a fun way for kids to listen to different Dr. Seuss books. On the other hand, if you are looking for a list of Dr. Seuss’s books, we suggest you look here. Meanwhile, this blog will discuss the ways Dr. Seuss’s […]

3 Retro Mother Goose Books

three retro mother goose books

Take a look at these vintage Mother Goose books and discover how these retro rhymes still teach reading and science to children today.