What are the four weeks of Advent? How are they like the fruit of the Spirit?

What are the four weeks of advent how are they like the fruit of the Spirit?

This time of year, the word ‘Advent’ is everywhere. In addition, you can purchase advent calendars that allow you to countdown the days to Christmas. I recently bought boxes with 25 little doors and chocolate candies for my grandchildren. They will open a little door each night, eat a small piece of chocolate, and anticipate […]

The Legend of Christmas: St. Nicholas was a Fruit Pot!

A Christmas children's book about St. Nicholas's untold story. The Legend of Christmas

Imagine a world devoid of the twinkling lights, festive carols, and the joyous fruit of the Spirit filling the Christmas air. It’s difficult to fathom. Yet, without the fruit of the Spirit, St. Nicholas, better known as Santa Claus, and the celebration of Christmas lack a great deal. It is sometimes hard to teach Jesus […]

The Power and Purpose of the Church: Why It Matters More Than Ever.

The power and purpose of the church: why it matters more than ever. An article from Little Pot describes why the church is important.

In a world where technology and social media dominate our daily lives, the power and purpose of the church have never been more critical. During the pandemic, people found that they could watch sermons and church services online instead of attending in person. Is it necessary to go to church, and why is it important? […]

Why is it Important to Let Your Light Shine and Tell Others About Jesus?

The oil lamp and the cracked jar tell us Why it is important to let your light shine and tell others about Jesus.

In a world of darkness, it is more important than ever to let your light shine. But what does that mean? It means we tell others about Jesus and do not hide our identity in Christ (our lights) under a bushel. By letting your light shine, you not only inspire others to do the same, […]

Harvest Spiritual Abundance: How to Connect the Fruit of the Spirit to Money.

Harvest spiritual abundance connect the fruit of the Spirit to money with Little Pt

What does it take to harvest spiritual abundance? A lot of money! That’s probably NOT the answer you thought I’d say. What does money have to do with being spiritual? Aren’t most rich people unspiritual? Well, that certainly is an idea that some people hold to. After all, the Bible says it is easier for […]

Serving God by Serving Others. How to Make the Most of Your Life.

serving God by serving others. how to make the most of your life

Wouldn’t it be fulfilling to know that you’re making a lasting impact on the world and living a life of purpose? One powerful way to achieve this is through serving God by serving others. When we selflessly give others what our creator has given us, we make a difference in their lives and experience personal […]

Six Powerful Spiritual Warfare Weapons to Protect the Fruit of the Spirit.

Little Pot and Tea Pot share Six Powerful Spiritual Warfare Weapons to Protect the Fruit of the Spirit in the Armor of God.

In today’s fast-paced and chaotic world, protecting the fruit of the Spirit within us is essential. These precious qualities of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control are often under attack from the spiritual forces of darkness. But fear not, for you have six powerful spiritual warfare weapons to defend and preserve these divine qualities at your disposal.

Where is God When it Hurts? How to Respond When We Suffer.

Where is God when it hurts? An article where Little Pot and the other vessels explain how to respond when we suffer -by Dawn Stephens Books

Where is God when it hurts? In times of suffering and pain, it is natural to question the presence of God. We may wonder where He is, why He allows us to endure hardships, and how we should respond. Finding peace and understanding during difficult times is evidence of the fruit of the Spirit. This article will delve into suffering and its potential purpose in our lives.

How do I Know When God Speaks to Me? 7 Ways to Recognize the Voice of God in Your Life.

How do I know when God speaks to me? Recognizing the voice of God is a part of the root system that allows us to grow the fruit of the Spirit.

Are you struggling to hear the voice of God in your life? Do you find yourself doubting whether you can genuinely recognize it? A part of the root system beneath the fruit of the Spirit requires we maintain a relationship with God. However, relationships require two-way communication. Therefore, we need to hear His voice. So, if you are seeking a greater understanding of how God communicates with you, join us on this transformative journey and open your heart to the voice of God.