What is fruit of the Spirit? Explore Six Developments to Producing it.

what is fruit of the spirit and six developments to produce it? Little Pot shows how it grows strawberries and how that process is the same for developing the fruit of the Spirit

What is fruit of the Spirit? The fruit of the spirit is qualities that are possessed by God’s Holy Spirit. When Christians allow the Holy Spirit into their lives, these qualities are produced. They are referred to as “fruit” because they take time to grow and can reproduce or multiply just as fruit does. Fruit […]

Shadows and Lights’

Shadows and lights’ are the concepts of the latest Mother Goose Meets Mother Nature book. The text takes Jack B. Nimble on a journey where he tries to jump over his own shadow. Similarly, in my quiet time this morning, I realized I am trying to do the same thing. After I left my career […]

Wait Time in the Classroom … and Life

A year ago, we began to understand what a pandemic would feel like. Our schools and businesses closed. Life changed and a year later, we never expected to still be waiting for it all to end.

Emptied Again.

It was the last week of January before COVID-19 was ever a thing that the decision was made. It was a decision that did not surprise me.