Ideas to Celebrate Easter with Scriptures for Resurrection Sunday

ideas to celebrate easter with scriptures for resurrection sunday. Each day of the week contains an activity to do with kids.

Ideas to celebrate easter with scriptures for resurrection Sunday. A lot takes place in the week between Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey while people are shouting Hosanna to the day he is risen. This week tells us so much about Jesus and His love for us. Therefore, I’ve provided some scriptures to read each day followed by an activity.

3 Ways Lyrics to Mary Had a Little Lamb Nursery Rhyme Teach About Animals

Lyrics to Mary Had a Little Lamb Nursery Rhyme Teach About Animals

The lyrics to Mary Had a Little Lamb Nursery Rhyme has been used with children for centuries. The “Mary Learns About Animal Coverings” printable guided reading book extends children’s knowledge of different types of animals and their body coverings. You can read more about this resource in another post. Additionally, teachers and students can use this new nursery rhyme to grow three ways with our book and the: “Teach About Animal Coverings with Mary and Her Lamb”

How Corduroy’s search for a friend can lead us to one.

how Corduroy's search for friend can lead us to one. by Dawn Stephens Books

We all search for a friend at times. Young children need friends from the stuffed animals surrounding their bed to the strangers they boldly say hello to in stores and restaurants. God created us with a desire for relationships. We were created in His image and He desires a relationship with us too. It is through our searching for a friend, that Christ finds us. A great book that I believe illustrates our searching and God’s finding is Corduroy by Don Freeman.

5 Ways Las Vegas Makes Me Imagine Heaven

5 ways Las Vegas makes me imagine heaven by Dawn Stephens Books

I know, for a lot of people, Vegas represents the farthest thing from heaven because it is a city full of activities Christians categorize as sinful. However, I see Vegas as a place of magnificent lights, buildings, and design structures, I cannot help think how man’s attempt to build something this spectacular pales in comparison to what Heaven will be. Heaven is going to be the most fabulous city.

3 Ways to Grow Using a New Nursery Rhyme

3 ways to grow using a new nursery rhyme. Jack Be Nimble has been made into a new nursery rhyme that provides spiritual, social, and academic growth

Social skills for preschool are best taught using centers. Since children learn through play, learning centers and play centers should be combined to include the lessons taught in the classroom.

How the Whole Child Approach Promotes Holistic Thinkers in Christian Education

how the whole child approach promotes holistic thinkers in Christian Education

Holistic thinkers focus on the big picture. Education, however, often focuses on the details of subject matter and how well a child has learned a specific skill. Because Christian education often prides itself in high academics, it sometimes finds itself in disagreement to the whole child approach. However, Christians should be holistic thinkers. Here’s why.

What Does 12 Days of Christmas Mean to Creative Christians?

what does 12 days of Christmas mean to creative christians?

What does 12 days of Christmas mean to Christians? Is there any religious significance to the song we all love to sing and how many gifts are given since each day the gifts are repeated? You will love the adorable illustrations answering all these questions and more.

How to Create an Easy DIY Holiday Ornament with Little Pot

DIY holiday ornament

Little Pot has an idea to help you create ornaments and start a Christmas ornament tradition. He’s here to give you a step by step guide and template so you can add your own little pot to your Christmas tree this year and each year as your “little fruit pot” grows.