How the Whole Child Approach Promotes Holistic Thinkers in Christian Education

how the whole child approach promotes holistic thinkers in Christian Education

Holistic thinkers focus on the big picture. Education, however, often focuses on the details of subject matter and how well a child has learned a specific skill. Because Christian education often prides itself in high academics, it sometimes finds itself in disagreement to the whole child approach. However, Christians should be holistic thinkers. Here’s why.

What Does 12 Days of Christmas Mean to Creative Christians?

what does 12 days of Christmas mean to creative christians?

What does 12 days of Christmas mean to Christians? Is there any religious significance to the song we all love to sing and how many gifts are given since each day the gifts are repeated? You will love the adorable illustrations answering all these questions and more.

How to Create an Easy DIY Holiday Ornament with Little Pot

DIY holiday ornament

Little Pot has an idea to help you create ornaments and start a Christmas ornament tradition. He’s here to give you a step by step guide and template so you can add your own little pot to your Christmas tree this year and each year as your “little fruit pot” grows.

What is fruit of the Spirit? Explore Six Developments to Producing it.

what is fruit of the spirit and six developments to produce it? Little Pot shows how it grows strawberries and how that process is the same for developing the fruit of the Spirit

What is fruit of the Spirit? The fruit of the spirit is qualities that are possessed by God’s Holy Spirit. When Christians allow the Holy Spirit into their lives, these qualities are produced. They are referred to as “fruit” because they take time to grow and can reproduce or multiply just as fruit does. Fruit […]