ideas to celebrate easter with scriptures for resurrection sunday. Each day of the week contains an activity to do with kids.

Ideas to Celebrate Easter with Scriptures for Resurrection Sunday

Ideas to celebrate Easter can be more than a one-day event. Holy week begins on Palm Sunday, one week before Easter. A lot takes place in the week between Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey while people are shouting Hosanna up to the day he rose from the grave. This week tells us so much about Jesus and His love for us. Therefore, I’ve provided some scriptures to read each day followed by an activity.

Begin to celebrate on Palm Sunday

Christian activities for Easter week beginning with Palm Sunday
Begin on Palm Sunday and follow the activities listed.
  1. Read Matthew 21:1-11 together.
  2. Collect branches
  3. Lay them along a path
  4. Imagine Jesus on a donkey walking over them.
  5. Talk about what Hosanna means, Then sing Hosanna, clap, dance, and play any instruments they might make. You can find Hosanna songs on Youtube to sing along with.

On Monday, read what Jesus does at the temple.

the ideas for Monday's activity goes with Jesus cleansing the temple. Read the scriptures for resurrection Sunday and then use blocks to build a temple.
On Monday, read the scripture about Jesus in the temple.
  1. Read Matthew 21:12-17 together.
  2. Use blocks to build with. Have them name the building they built.
  3. Talk about what Jesus said the temple should be called.
  4. What were the merchants doing at the temple?
  5. What did Jesus do at the temple?
  6. Spend time praying together.

The Ideas to Celebrate Easter Continue on Tuesday

During Resurrection week,On Tuesday, read about the cursed fig tree and learn how Jesus continues to reveal Himself as God.
On Tuesday, read about the cursed fig tree and learn how Jesus continues to reveal Himself as God.
  1. Go on a nature walk and discuss which trees are growing or blooming.
  2. Stop and read Matthew 21:18-22 together.
  3. What happened when Jesus spoke words over the fig tree? Why?
  4. How did this event reveal that Jesus was God?
  5. Enjoy a snack of Fig Newtons.

On Wednesday, another critical event happens.

Matthew 26:14-16 together. Get 30 coins. (If possible, 30 silver dollars or 30 quarters) Ask your child to count it.  How important is money to us? What parts of knowing Jesus do we trade so we can have money?
Learn about how Judas traded coins to tell the guards about Jesus

During this day, children can learn much about how they feel about Jesus. My grandchildren love having money. If I give one of them a coin, the other one will become quite upset that they do not have any. They will fight over who has more pennies. It amazes me because they do not understand the value or worth of the money they desperately want to hold. On this day, they will see that Jesus is better than money.

  1. Read Matthew 26:14-16 together.
  2. Get 30 coins. (If possible, 30 silver dollars or 30 quarters)
  3. Ask your child to count it.
  4. How important is money to us?
  5. What parts of knowing Jesus do we trade so we can have money?
  6. Go on a shopping trip. Instead of buying something for yourself, get something to give a friend in need. Or, give the coins to a homeless person.

Thursday is all about the Lord’s Supper

on Thursday read scriptures about the Lord's Supper
On Thursday, read scriptures about the Lord’s Supper
  1. Prepare some bread and juice.
  2. Read Matthew 26:26-30 together.
  3. Discuss what Jesus did, why he washed the disciple’s feet, and what was illustrated with the bread and wine.
  4. Eat a piece of bread and drink some juice together.
  5. Wash each other’s feet. Discuss how it feels to have someone else wash your feet and how it feels to wash another’s. What can we learn from this?
ideas to celebrate easter on goodFriday's ideas to celebrate easter
On Friday, read about the crucifixion.
  1. Read Matthew 27:15-31 together.
  2. Discuss the text. How do you think it felt to Barabbas?
  3. Why was Jesus willing to die in his place? Make a cross with two sticks and a piece of string.
  4. Jesus died in our place. Discuss that the Bible tells us that death is the payment for our sins. Talk about specific sins we commit each day and then discuss that Jesus died for those sins too.
  5. Pray and thank Him for loving us that much.

Ideas to Celebrate Easter on Saturday and Sunday

ideas to celebrate easter include scriptures for resurrection Sunday
On Saturday and Resurrection Sunday read about the empty tomb.
  1. Read Matt. 27:62-28:7 together.
  2. Discuss the text. What did Jesus say would happen, and what did happen?
  3. Make a tomb replica using a small clay pot, a clay dish, dirt, and stones. You can find a lot of examples online.
  4. Use a larger stone to cover the opening of the tomb.
  5. Then on Easter morning, roll away the stone covering the opening of the empty tomb.
  6. Explain that Jesus is alive, and that is why we celebrate Easter!

You can also find fun activities for Holy Week by Marissa at Teach by Faith. Check out her blog on the topic here. These are things you can do for the week of Easter. However, Little Pot celebrates Jesus year-round by growing the fruit of the Spirit. We would love you to join us on our fruit-bearing journey by signing up below.

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