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Three Inspirational Stories about Clay and the Potter for Children

Potter and the Clay Bible Verse

In the Bible, a form of clay and potter imagery is used in ninety-two verses. Here are a few:

  • Isaiah 64:8
  • Jeremiah 18:1-23
  • Romans 9:21
  • Isaiah 45:9
  • Jeremiah 18:1-6
  • Isaiah 29:16
  • Jeremiah 18:4
  • Genesis 2:7
  • 2 Timothy 2:20-21
  • Jeremiah 18:6
  • 2 Timothy 2:20
  • Romans 9:20-21
  • Jeremiah 18:1-4
  • Job 10:9
  • Ephesians 2:10

The Potter and the Clay Bible

In these references, the potter represents God, and the clay represents humans. The imagery of God creating humans with his hands is powerful. In other instances, he spoke things into being. When he made humans, however, he formed them from clay. Many verses also speak of the relationship the clay and the potter have with each other. The vessels are each useful and have a specific purpose. That is why this imagery makes for great storytelling.

clay and the potter stories: The Little Pot, The Tea Pot, The Oil Lamp by
clay and the potter stories

Clay and the Potter, Story One

In the first story, the potter creates a little vessel and gives it many different jobs. It is the Little Pot who is eager to discover its purpose. With each item the potter gives the little pot to hold, the vessel wonders if this task is the purpose for which it was created. Holding papers makes the little pot feel intelligent and vital. Holding coins makes the little pot feel rich and powerful. However, both items are not what the potter allows the clay vessel to keep. Then, the potter puts dirt inside the little pot. The clay vessel now wonders even more what its purpose is. Unbeknown to the little vessel, the potter has planted something in the soil, and it is beginning to grow something inside. Eventually, the plant blooms beautiful flowers. Is its purpose to be pretty? Not exactly. The flowers do not last. Ultimately, they turn to fruit, and the clay vessel realizes its purpose does not come through what it holds but from what is produced through it. This clay has become a little pot that grows fruit.

We are like Little Pot because we are each a vessel made by the potter, God, to grow the fruit of the Spirit.

clay and potter story one: The Little Pot by Dawn Stephens
The Little Pot

Story Two

In the second story, The potter grows fruit through Little Pot as he makes more vessels from clay. As other vessels are made, Little Pot watches and begins to compare himself to them. One day, the potter makes a vessel serving a different purpose. It is a teapot. As the potter makes tea inside this clay vessel, Little Pot wonders if the teapot is better than it. The teapot boils inside and makes a delicious tea. However, when the potter continually pours out the liquid and picks the fruit, the clay vessels become frustrated with the potter. Selfishly, they desire to keep the fruit and tea. The Potter allows it, and eventually, the fruit rots, and the tea spoils. Finally, the clay vessels realize they need the potter and ask him to clean and prune them. He does, and the clay vessels can now serve others.

We are like Tea Pot and Little Pot because we sometimes believe that the fruit of the Spirit is for us alone. We forget that the potter, God, created us to serve others.

clay and the potter story two: The Tea Pot by Dawn Stephens
The Tea Pot

Story Three

In the third story, Tea Pot and Little Pot have learned to serve the potter and others. However, their relationship with the potter continues to grow. In this story, the potter creates a small oil lamp. The purpose of this vessel is to shine a light on the other vessels. The potter knows that a storm is coming and a light is needed. The new clay vessel, however, is too shy to shine its light and hides under other vessels. When it finally does become bold enough to shine, it flares up and burns the other vessels. After hearing the stories of Little Pot and Tea Pot, however, the oil lamp has the faith it needs to shine brightly for the potter.

In this story, we can learn to be like Little Pot and Tea Pot and share our testimonies with others. We also can learn to be like Oil Lamp and shine the light that the potter God gives us.

clay and the potter. story three: The Oil Lamp
The Oil Lamp

Continuing to Learn More

There are more stories to come about different vessels and the potter. The Bible uses this imagery to help us understand that the potter, God, lovingly creates each of us, his clay vessels, for specific purposes. Still to come are stories about an oil jar and a salt vessel. Make sure you follow this blog to get notifications of these new stories.

more clay and the potter stories to come from DawnStephensBooks
more stories to come

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