how to teach kindergarten schedules with a nursery rhyme

How to Teach Kindergarten Schedules with a Cheerful Nursery Rhyme

Kindergarten schedules are important in a child’s learning. It is no secret that children do better with a consistent routine. Having a kindergarten schedule allows children to feel safe in the classroom. When they know what is coming next, they have less anxiety and will perform more efficiently. Therefore, as we get ready to head back to school, make time to teach a healthy kindergarten routine.

As you set up your classroom, make sure you display the clock in an easy to see place. Likewise, having clock images on display and set to the event times time will teach students to read the time correctly. Exposure to a world of clocks can teach students to tell time.

a world of clocks
Having clocks around the classroom help students understand how routines and time intervals are measured.

Kindergarten Schedules with Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock is a great way for children to learn about time, schedules, and routines. In the printable guided reading book and PowerPoint flipbook, Hickory, the Mouse goes through a typical kindergarten schedule. Each hour of the clock leads Hickory through another activity of the day. Using this creative teaching resource, children will learn to use the clock and the skill of telling time to manage their day.

kindergarten schedules can be taught with these resources by Dawn Stephens Books.  The Hickory Dickory Dock book and teacher's guide take children through a day in Hickory's life.
kindergarten schedules can be taught with these resources by Dawn Stephens Books. The Hickory Dickory Dock book and teacher’s guide take children through a day in Hickory’s life.

Kindergarten Time

Young children have little concept of time. You can read more about their understanding of time here. By providing a list of the things they will do each day, however, they can gain a sense of security by learning that time is predictable. Hickory’s schedule is based on time to the hour. Within the hourly schedule, you can list shorter routines to provide even more clarity to your students. For example, Hickory’s routine may include getting dressed, brushing his hair, and making his bed all between seven and eight am. Between breakfast and school starting, Hickory’s routine might include brushing his teet, packing his backpack, and catching the bus. Likewise, his routine might include morning meeting, lunch count, and morning tubs between nine and ten o’clock.

Having one activity each hour, however, will help your kindergarten schedules teach students to tell time. Having shorter intervals of a routine each hour will help children accomplish more each day.

kindergarten schedules
Hickory’s kindergarten schedule teaches children about time to the hour.

You can create a clock schedule for your child or download a FREE one here.

Purchase the guided reading book here.

Purchaste the teacher’s guide here.

Or, buy both for a discounted bundle price here.

teaching about time with activities for Hickory Dickory Dock

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