6. Rhyming Story – The Little Pot Rhyme Board Book


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A Rhyming story is fun to read. Toddlers can now enjoy the classic tale of The Little Pot in this easy-to-read board book version.

After a potter lovingly forms a new pot, he declares he has important plans for his creation. The little pot begins to wonder what its purpose will be. It holds papers, coins, and flowers. Is its purpose to be smart, rich, or beautiful? As various expectations prove wrong, the little pot must wait and see. Gradually, Little Pot comes to realize that its creator knows best and has the most wonderful of all uses planned for it. Likewise, readers will realize that the same is true for them. Like the little pot, they were designed to be vessels that bear fruit. However, the fruit they bear is the fruit of the Spirit (Gal.5:22-23).

The author’s warm illustrations beautifully enhance this charming rhyme about patience and fulfillment. The award-winning picture book version has captured the hearts of children and adults for many years. Now, the wonderful story of inevitable reversals is a rhyming story.

Why a Rhyming Story and Board Book

For years children have fallen in love with the classic tale of a little pot. The story has taught children the value of patience. Likewise, they have discovered the loving omniscience of their Creator. However, the beautifully illustrated picture book contained a longer text that was hard for young children to sit through. Parents and teachers found it difficult to read while toddlers wiggled and tried to turn the pages. Board books provide babies and toddlers with a durable book that will stand up to their active lifestyle. In addition, the smaller size fits nicely into little hands. The hard surface makes it easy to hold and turn pages. Therefore, a board book format was created for children 0 to 4 years of age. Within 22 pages and 11 beautifully illustrated spreads, The Little Pot story is retold in a short and fun-to-read rhyme.

Introducing children ages 0 to 4 to The Little Pot Rhyme Board Book will help them to fall in love with the series.


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6. Rhyming Story – The Little Pot Rhyme Board Book

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