A Christmas children's book about St. Nicholas's untold story. The Legend of Christmas

The Legend of Christmas: St. Nicholas was a Fruit Pot!

Imagine a world devoid of the twinkling lights, festive carols, and the joyous fruit of the Spirit filling the Christmas air. It’s difficult to fathom. Yet, without the fruit of the Spirit, St. Nicholas, better known as Santa Claus, and the celebration of Christmas lack a great deal. It is sometimes hard to teach Jesus as the center of Christmas when that big, red, jolly ol’ elf named Santa Claus is everywhere.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce a new children’s Christmas book. It tells the untold story of St. Nicholas, a.k.a. Santa Claus. In this story, you’ll see how Santa is a fruit pot, just like me.

Hi, I’m Little Pot. Just like you, I’m a fruit-bearing vessel created by the Potter. I grow strawberries, of course. Likewise, you produce the fruit of the Spirit. My fruit-bearing process mirrors yours. You can be a fruit pot like me and learn more about the process by signing up here.

The Enduring Legacy of St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas, the Bishop of Myra, had unwavering faith and acts of kindness even during persecution. The fruit of the Spirit the Potter grew through this one man leaves an indelible mark on the beloved holiday we celebrate each year.

As you read this captivating tale, you’ll uncover the profound impact he had through his acts of kindness. As fruit is designed to reproduce, we can be fruitful because of St. Nicholas’s enduring legacy. The celebration of Santa owes his very existence to this legendary figure’s unwavering faith and fruitful life.

So, come with me on a journey to rediscover the untold story of St. Nicholas. Let Nicholas’s unwavering faith and acts of kindness inspire us to embody the fruit of the Spirit, spreading joy, peace, and love to others.


As we reflect on the remarkable journey of St. Nicholas, let this story inspire you to embrace the true Spirit of Christmas. May the unwavering faith and acts of kindness St. Nicholas shows remind you of the power of the Holy Spirit. God desires to produce love and compassion through you! As fruit pots, we carry forward St. Nicholas’s legacy by embodying the same Spirit. Then we can spread joy, peace, and goodwill to all, too. If you haven’t joined me as a fruit pot, why not? Sign up below, and I’ll send you the seven steps I follow for the Potter to produce fruit in me. You’ll discover how they mirror seven fruit-bearing steps in your life. Additionally, you receive a fruitful Friday email every week where I share even more.

what is fruit of the spirit
Learn how the Potter grows the fruit of the Spirit through you.

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