water in three states of matter

Water in Three States of Matter with Jack and Jill

Water as a Solid

Jack and Jill go up a hill and discover water in three states of matter. They learn that H2O comes in different substances. As they climb a very big hill, they do not find water. Instead, they collect ice and snow.

water in three states of matter 1 is solid ice  snow
Water or H2O can be solid when it is ice and snow.

When water is in the solid state, the H2O molecules are packed together. They are fixed and cannot move. This is why solids have their own shape. Freezing ice cubes in different shape containers will help a child to see that once the water becomes solid, the shape will not change.

Water in three States of Matter – Liquid

As Jack and Jill return from the mountain top with their pails, the temperature gets warmer, and the state of matter changes. The substance now turns into a liquid form. This is the most common form of H2O and therefore, is simply called water.

water is most commonly a liquid
When H2O is in the liquid state, we call it water.

In the liquid state, the molecules are packed together and move freely. When children are playing in a pool or pouring water, talk with them about how the liquid moves. It will take the shape and fill whatever container it is in. Similarly, if it does not have a container, it moves freely. This can occur if they spill their water.

Water as a Gas

water becomes steam in its gas state
When H2O is heated, it will boil and become steam.

Jack and Jill then take their pail of water and put it over a fire. Consequently, the temperature increases even more. The liquid boils and turns to a gas state. We call this steam.

When water is in the gas state the molecules separate even more and fly around very fast. Boiling water and watching the steam rise will help the child see water in this state. Humidifiers can also be a great way to show children what the gas state of water looks and feels like.

You can read more about how to teach water in the three states of matter here.

Jack and Jill Resources that teach about water in the 3 states of matter

The nursery rhyme of Jack and Jill is a great way to teach about water in the three states of matter.

Jack and Jill Learn About water in three states of matter
Jack and Jill Learn About Water and Teach About Water with Jack and Jill are great resources to use.

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