how to know if your baby shower gift amount is right. The best baby gifts are books they will grow with. Little Pot is a timeless tale they will love.

How to know if your baby shower gift amount is right.

What is the correct baby shower gift amount?

A baby shower gift amount can range from $10 to $500. Therefore, it is very hard to know how much you should spend on a baby gift when planning to go to a shower. If you are a relative or a very close friend of the mother or father, you may feel the need to spend more. The mom-to-be is aware that not everyone will have the same amount of money to spend on gifts and will usually put a variety of items at different price points on the registry. Registries have gotten better by including different stores where an item can be purchased. They also allow the buyer to ship directly to the recipient and will save you money by not having to ship it yourself. is an excellent registry to use.

what is the correct baby shower gift amount? answers the question.
How much should you spend?

Is it better to be practical or special with your baby shower gift amount?

There is sure to be a great aunt who will crochet a blanket, outfit, or booties. I got a blanket at my first shower that was made from the ribbons used as pew bows at my wedding. It was very, very special and I still have it today. Home-made gifts are incredibly thoughtful and always the most unique. However, today’s parents-to-be may be more appreciative of practical gifts that they know they will need. Blending practical and unique can be a challenge.

So what type of gift is best? Everyone loves to shop for cute baby clothes. Consequently, at some baby showers, there have been more clothes than one baby could possibly wear. Diapers and wipes are so needed and expensive if you are the parent buying them every week. I’ve bought a box of diapers, only to see my gift stacked with the other ten boxes of diapers already opened. Then there are so many new convenient gizmos for parents and babies. You may want to be the one to buy the latest and greatest gift item available. Then you may wonder if the parents will really use it as much as they think. Ultimately, we think that a book makes the best gift for a baby shower. It is unique and practical at the same time. It also can be just the right amount of money.

books make the best baby shower gifts. The Little Pot is a great choice.
Choose a book with a special message.

A book can be the thing that is just the right baby shower gift amount.

Books come at all different prices and children just cannot have too many. You could give a book that was your favorite when you were young. You could spend very little or even zero dollars if you are willing to part with one from your own house or find what at a book exchange shop. The book may also spark a theme and give you ideas of other items you can buy to go with it. If you choose to give The Little Pot, filling a clay pot with baby items is a great way to make the gift stand out and be remembered.

the Little Pot book combined with a clay pot full of baby items makes a great baby gift
The Little Pot book as a baby shower gift

What to write in book for Baby Shower.

Furthermore, It won’t matter how much or how little you’ve spent on the gift. It will be about giving something that is special. It becomes even more special when you write a personal note inside the book. Whenever I am signing a Little Pot book, I write “Be a fruit pot!” as the message before signing my name. If you are giving this book, you can do the same. I think it is a great way to share that your wish for the baby is to become a vessel through that the potter will grow the fruit of the Spirit.

What to write in a book for baby shower? write a wish that goes with the story. Little Pot would write "Be a fruit Pot!"
write a message that goes with the book.

If you are giving a different book, try and tie the message of the book to whatever wish you have for the baby. For example, if you were to give a book like Corduroy, you might write something like “You are perfect just the way you are. You will always be my friend”. Or if you were to give a book like Harold and the Purple Crayon, you could write something like “Let your imagination take you to amazing places!” with a purple pen of course.

Little Pot helps children to become fruit pots in this FREE program. It shows children what to “hold” and how the potter can grow the fruit of the Spirit through them.

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If you prefer to buy the entire set as a signed copy, go here. If you would like to schedule Dawn for a speaking engagement or author visit, go here.

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