5 ways Las Vegas makes me imagine heaven by Dawn Stephens Books

5 Ways Las Vegas Makes Me Imagine Heaven

Today I am writing this blog from fabulous Las Vegas and imagining Heaven. As I gaze out my hotel window, I am filled with the sentimental reflections of an eternal and heavenly journey. Each time I have visited this city, something significant took place in my life. The last time was in 2010. The Little Pot book was just released. Consequently I was enjoying seeing my name listed as a children’s author. Having a published book was a dream of mine and my own piece of what I could imagine heaven to be. Add that to all the wonders of being in Vegas, and I can remember the heavenly feelings that surrounded me at the time.

Heaven is the most fabulous City.

I know, for a lot of people, Vegas represents the farthest thing from heaven because it is a city full of activities Christians categorize as sinful. However, I am not one to participate in a lot of drinking and gambling. Therefore, I see Vegas as a place of magnificent lights, buildings, and design structures, I cannot help think how man’s attempt to build something this spectacular pales in comparison to what Heaven will be. Heaven is going to be the most fabulous city.

Since I do not come to Las Vegas very often, it is fun to see what has changed in the city and reflect on what has changed in my own life. Looking back, I realized I wasn’t necessarily on my way to the continuous and fulfilling writing career I had hoped for. During my last visit, I was praying over the decision of accepting a position as a school principal. I said yes to that role and am now a completely different person than I was back then. You can read about my finishing of that role here.

Since I am in Vegas again at a completely new season of life, I thought it would be fun to make a few brief comparisons between Vegas and Heaven. Afterward, you might see the eternal perspective these trips give to me.

Heaven and Las Vegas are Cities that Never Sleep.

Las VEgas is like Heaven because it is a city that never sleeps
We will not need sleep in Heaven
  1. A City that Never Sleep

Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. The lights along the strip stay on all night and it truly never gets dark. The casinos are open 24 hours so there is constant activity happening all around. Even now, two years into the pandemic, the town is full of busy people. We do not know if we will sleep in Heaven. However, we know that our heavenly bodies won’t need rest to recharge from the exhaustion of all the pain and suffering in this world.

Heaven and Las Vegas are Cities full of Light.

Heaven is the ultimate city of light
Heaven is the Ultimate City of LIght.
  1. A City of Light

Las Vegas is the City of Lights. If you’ve followed my blog or read the Oil Lamp, you know that the concept of God being Light and our ability to shine for Him is a topic I enjoy exploring. Therefore, I cannot wait to see how Heaven will be illuminated from Jesus (Rev. 22:5). The spectacular colors that John tries to describe to us in the Bible leave me wondering. In the meantime, the light shows that exist above the streets in Vegas help me to imagine the beauty to come.

Never-Ending Resources

Heaven’s streets of gold are bettter than Las Vegas
Heaven will have streets of gold.
  1. Streets of Gold and Never-Ending Financial Resources.

At The Fashion Show Mall is Las Vegas, the streets look as though they are made of gold. Likewise, Heaven will have streets made of gold throughout. And the idea of gold being so accessible that it can be used as asphalt is crazy. Heaven will have endless resources available to us. To the average Vegas tourist like me, resources seem endless here. it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of paying more for something just because you are buying it in Vegas. That leads me to the next point.

There’s No Where Else

  1. No where else exists. “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”

Vegas has done an excellent job with the marketing campaign that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We have the sense that whatever we do here will have no lasting affect on anywhere else. We have a sense that this is the only place in existence. Honestly, that concept of Heaven is one of the most attractive. I love the idea that we can be in one place together with God and those that have gone before us for all eternity.  

Heaven and Las Vegas … Always Growing and Changing

Heaven like Vegas will grow and change MSG Sphere
The MSG Sphere is the newest attraction being built in Las Vegas
  1. Always growing and changing.

That is not to say that we will not be busy when we are in Heaven. I already mentioned how each time I visited Vegas, I enjoy seeing what has changed. Buildings are constantly being torn down. New extravagant structures are going up. It is nothing to be walking through a casino and see workers continually repainting surfaces is an attempt to keep things sparkling new.

During this visit, the MSG Sphere was being built. It is beyond magnificent. I do not know if things beyond our own bodies will ever wear-out in Heaven. However, I look forward to being in the place that Jesus has prepared for me. Not just to exit there but to be busy there too. 

Time is a tool that God uses and eternity is the absence of time. When we finally live in the place we refer to as Heaven, we will not see things through the lenses of time. Until then, It does my heart good to reflect on the journey of this life and these short visits to Vegas as a reminder of the wonders to come.

Our eternal journey to Heaven begins when we know our creator and invite Him to live in us, growing the fruit of the Spirit. Want to know the steps to grow fruit of the Spirit? Little Pot and I can show you. Just sign up below.

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