I'm so lonely. How to overcome loneliness, be found and fit in.

I’m so lonely. How to Overcome Loneliness, Be Found, and Fit in.

I’m so lonely and feeling lonely is a common experience for many people. It can be especially challenging for children. But there are ways to overcome loneliness and connect with others. This new children’s book offers helpful tips and strategies for combating loneliness and finding a sense of belonging.

Hi, I’m Little Pot I’m a vessel created by the potter to grow fruit. You can read my story in the children’s book: The Little Pot. Even though I know the potter uses me, sometimes I’m so lonely. Thankfully, there is new Children’s book about some friends of mine. And, they’ve helped me to understand this issue better.

Little Pot, a fruit-bearing vessel created by the potter helps me understand why I'm so lonely
Little Pot, a fruit-bearing vessel created by the potter helps me understand why I’m so lonely.

Understanding why I’m so lonely.

Loneliness is a complex emotion that can be caused by a variety of factors. It can be the result of social isolation, a lack of meaningful connections with others, or a feeling like you don’t fit in, It can also be a symptom of underlying mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety. Understanding the root cause of your loneliness can help you develop effective strategies for overcoming it. You see, we were all created by a potter. And just as a child desires to have a relationship with his mother and father, we have a need to know our creator. The cool thing is that our creator desires to know us too.

God created a man and woman in His image for fellowship. He wanted to be in a relationship with them from the very beginning. You could even say that God was lonely. Therefore, he made people. Unfortunately, people disobeyed Him and broke the fellowship. They felt guilty. Their sin and new feelings of shame broke the fellowship they had with God. Additionally, the payment for sin was death. (Romans 6:23) However, God was not giving up on people. In fact, the rest of the Bible is the story of how God went to work to restore the relationship. Eventually, He sent his son, Jesus to Earth to pay the price and die for people’s sins.

When you have faith and believe Jesus is the son of God and died for you, your relationship with God is restored. Then, you will not feel as lonely because God gives His Holy Spirit to live inside you. You’ll have a friend with you at all times. Another great book to teach this concept is God’s Very Good Idea by Trillia Newbell and Catalina Echeverri.

why am so lonely Connecting with others is important to not feel lonely
We need to connect to others so we will not feel lonely.

Finding ways to connect with others so I’m not lonely.

Our creator doesn’t want us to only be in a relationship with him. He also wants us to connect with others. He has designed you to need other people and designed other people to need you. Discovering where you fit in amongst all the people in the world can make you feel lonely.

In the new children’s book, Burnout Fit In, there are two vessels that feel lonely. the first one is Oil Lamp. You can see how its story began in the book, The Oil Lamp. But, basically, the potter has given Oil Lamp a position above the other vessel. It sits high upon a pedestal. Because it is alone and above us, it feels lonely. It seems that the potter created to not need anyone. However, the story is also about another vessel. This vessel is lonely too. It is a cracked jar that has been forgotten. It rolled under the table and sits amongst the ashes of the kiln.

As the story goes, the potter uses the damaged jar to replenish the oil of the lamp. In fact, the jar was designed to “fit in” the top of the oil lamp. And, the crack was the very thing that let just the right amount of the oil seep into the lamp. The potter had always meant for the two vessels to work together and not be alone.

Be a part of Christ’s family.

One of the most effective ways you can combat loneliness is to find ways that your creator designed you to connect with others. The best way to do this is to find a church. The church is God’s family and He has designed the people to function as His body (Romans 12:8). It’s important to remember that a body is made of many different parts. The parts each have unique functions but they all work together. By putting yourself out there and making an effort to connect with others, you’ll discover the way God designed you to help His body. In addition, you’ll overcome loneliness and build a fulfilling social life.

We trust the potter when we feel lonely.
Trust in the potter’s plan when you feel lonely.

Trusting the Potter, and His plan for your life.

When you say, “I’m so lonely,” it is easy to withdraw from others and God. That is only going to make you feel more lonely. Just like a potter molds and shapes clay into useful vessels, God is molding and shaping you into the person He wants you to be. It’s important to remember that even in times of loneliness, God is with you and has a purpose for your life. By trusting in Him and seeking His guidance, you can find comfort and peace in knowing that you are never truly alone.

The book Burnout Fit In

In the book, the oil lamp is facing burnout. It is running low on oil and needs the potter to replenish it. The potter does but in an unexpected way. He uses a forgotten cracked jar. The wound of this vessel filters the oil into the lamp so it can continue to shine. As you read this story, you will see that oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Likewise, you’ll understand that the potter’s vessels need each other. As bad things happen throughout life, wounds will be there to help others. That is why Burnout Fit In is a great way to help us all overcome loneliness.

Here’s a video explaining the book.

Become a fruit-bearing vessel like Little Pot!

As Little Pot, my unique purpose is growing fruit. You have fruit to bear too. The fruit you grow is the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). I have developed a seven-step process allowing the potter to grow love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control through you. Just enter your first name and email so we can send you those seven steps. Then you’ll get a fruitful Friday email each week with ways to be even more fruitful!

what is fruit of the spirit and how to grow and cultivate it

You can purchase these books here in our store, and they can be signed by the author specifically for your little graduate. The books are also available on Amazon.

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