The Best Nursery Rhyme Ever Written

The Best Nursery Rhyme Ever Written

A nursery rhyme with lyrics that teach something good would be great. You see, nursery rhymes have been around for centuries. In addition, their history can be a fascinating study. We worry today about putting our children in front of violent movies and video games. However, some nursery rhyme lyrics might be just as unhealthy. Check out this post on the Horrible Meanings Behind Nursery Rhymes for a few examples.

Nursery Rhyme with Lyrics that teach Science

Consequently, the meaning behind many nursery rhymes is not the positive message we typically want to put in front of our children. Therefore, by changing a few lyrics of traditional nursery rhymes, we’ve been able to recreate them. We call the new nursery rhymes the Mother Goose Meets Mother Nature Collection. Each one teaches us something about science and the world God created. You can read more about six of these rhymes here. Each rhyme is available in a beautifully illustrated book that you can download and print. There is also a teacher guides for each rhyme. These include lesson plans, worksheets, and activities for spiritual, social, and academic growth. You can add a new book each month of the year.

the best nursery rhymes ever are the mother goose meets mother nature collection
The Mother Goose meets Mother Nature collection

While we believe this rendition of nursery rhymes are the best ever written, there is still another rhyme that is even better. The Little Pot is a classic picture book. It is one of the best children’s book ever written. Therefore, we have taken the story of The Little Pot and made it into a nursery rhyme itself. It is called The Little Pot Rhyme. Here are the reasons why it is the BEST nursery rhyme ever!

The Best Nursery Rhyme Lyrics follow the AABCCB Rhyme Scheme

Most nursery rhymes have words at the end of each phrase that rhyme. However, the rhyme scheme of AABCCB means the first and third lines contain internal rhymes. Similarly, the third line has an external rhyme with the sixth line. Poems with this scheme are more complex. Jack and Jill is a nursery rhyme with this scheme. Likewise, Little Miss Muffet follows the AABCCB pattern.

The Little Pot Rhyme has lyrics of AABCCB too. Therefore, the text is easy to read and fun for young children to listen to. The rhyme lyrics begin as follows:

On a mountain top, was a potter’s shop

Where he molded things from wet clay.

So he made a pot, that he loved a lot,

Because this was a special day.

-The Little Pot Rhyme by Dawn Stephens
The Best Nursery Rhyme Ever is The Little Pot Rhyme by Dawn Stephens
The Little Pot Rhyme

A nursery rhyme with lyrics that follow the elements of story

The elements of a good story are needed in every book and movie. These elements are explained in detail here. Many times poems do not include all the elements. Similarly, traditional Mother Goose Rhymes have no storyline what-so-ever. The Little Pot Rhyme is a nursery rhyme with lyrics that also includes the elements of story. Within the text you can identify the setting, the main character with a hidden and an obvious need. In addition you’ll find an inciting incident followed by three events. The rhyme then reaches a climax. Finally the end brings a solution with a lesson the reader can apply to their own life.

Best nursery rhyme with lyrics is The Little Pot Rhyme
The Little Pot Rhyme

Nursery Rhyme with Lyrics that repeat

Having a repetitive verse in the rhyme helps children to recite the text with you. Each time the potter removes an item from the little pot, the rhyming phrase repeats itself. This provides an opportunity for the child to recite the verse along with you.

The Little Pot Rhyme
The Little Pot Rhyme

A rhyme about the Fruit of the Spirit

In this nursery rhyme, Little Pot grows fruit. Our potter wants to grow His fruit through us too. The fruit of the Spirit grows through us when we produce love, joy, peace, and patience. In addition, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control are cultivated. (Galatians 5:22-23).

In conclusion, if you want to learn more about growing the fruit of the Spirit and discover how Little Pot becomes a fruit-bearing vessel, sign up below. In addition, you will be added to our email list and each Friday you will receive a short, fruitful email. I hope you will join me.

what is fruit of the spirit
Learn how the potter grows the fruit of the Spirit through you.

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