ant facts and ant bible lessons with Little Miss Muffet

3 Ant Facts and Ant Bible Lessons We can Learn with Little Miss Muffet

We can learn a lot from ants. In the book, Little Miss Muffet Learns About Spiders, Miss Muffet discovers five differences between spider facts and ant facts. Likewise, the Teach About Insects and Spider with Little Miss Muffet resource provide spiritual and social growth too.

Ants Bible Lesson

 Go to the ant, O sluggard;

    consider her ways, and be wise.

Without having any chief,

    officer, or ruler,

she prepares her bread in summer

    and gathers her food in harvest.

Proverbs 6:6-8

In these verses, we are told to consider the ways of ants. What important principles can we learn from these tiny little creatures? Here are three important behaviors of ants that will help children too.

Ant Facts #1

Ants are not lazy and work without being told.

Ants are not lazy they do not have a leader and work without being told
Ants do not have a leader.

Likewise, ants do not have a leader that tells them to keep working. Therefore, they know to do their best and keep going. Ants stay busy while other ants sleep so the work can continue. Therefore, we can assume that ants never complain.

Do everything without complaining and arguing

Phillipians 2:14

Ant Facts #2

Ants prepare and never quit.

ants are prepared they never give up
Ants prepare for the winter in the summer.

In addition, ants gather food for the winter in the summer. Consequently, they plan ahead. Even though they find the shortest path, they quickly form a new one if something interferes with the route. They never let negative circumstances stop them. They keep going and mark their path so other ants will know the way.

Ant Facts #3

Ants work together

Ant facts they work together and share everything
Ants create bridges for each other and work together to carry heavy items.

A colony of ants will work as a team. Subsequently, they carry heavy loads together. Above all, they have no concept of yours or mine. Just as Acts 4:32 explains that the early church shared their possessions, the ants share everything.

In conclusion, we should be like ants.

  • Work hard and not complain even when our teacher is not watching. We won’t let others stop us from working.
  • Be prepared with our supplies every day and when things go wrong, we will not stop. We will find a new way to do our work.
  • Work together as a team. We will listen to each other and use everyone’s ideas. We know that together we can carry and do more than we can each do alone.

Spiritual, Social, and Academic Growth are Necessary for Fruit-Bearing

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what is fruit of the spirit and how to grow and cultivate it

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