Rooted Bible Study Unearthing Little Pot's Fruit of the Spirit Rocks

Rooted Bible Study. Unearthing Little Pot’s fruit of the Spirit roots.

Welcome to a Rooted Bible Study, where we will dig deep into the rich Humus soil to uncover the basis beneath the fruit of the Spirit. Previously, we’ve explored how the fruit of the Spirit is produced. But, we have never looked at Little Pot’s roots. The fruit of the Spirit is a term used to describe the characteristics that should be evident in the lives of believers. Altogether the fruit includes love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Little Pot’s Humus, seed, stem, leaves, and flowers lead to strawberries. Comparatively, the Potter cultivates these qualities through humility, God’s Word, integrity, relationships, and knowledge.

We’ve never unearthed the root system that forms inside Little Pot and us. Therefore, I hope you’ll join us on this transformative journey as we dig deep and uncover the roots beneath the fruit of the Spirit. Get ready to be inspired, encouraged, and transformed as we engage in the Rooted Bible Study. Let’s get started!

The Rooted Bible Study

For the next ten weeks, I will lead the Rooted Bible Study with a group from my church. I participated in this study myself in March of 2021. Throughout these posts, I will use this incredible curriculum to illustrate the roots we develop through connecting with God, the church, and our purpose. Additionally, you can learn more about the Rooted Bible Study here.

Little Pot’s fruit-bearing journey

We will also be referring to Little Pot’s fruit-bearing journey. How the Potter produces strawberries through Little Pot mirrors how God cultivates the fruit of the Spirit through us. Whereas, you can receive details about that process by signing up here:

rooted bible study unearthing the roots inside Little Pot. growing the fruit of the Spirit
The Rooted Bible Study workbooks are available from

The Seven Rhythms of the Rooted Bible Study

The study includes seven rhythms: Daily Devotion, Prayer, Freedom from Strongholds, Sacrificial Generosity, Serving the Community, Share Your Story, and Celebration. Thereafter, these rhythms and this study aim to deepen our connection with God, His Church, and our purpose in His story. If you’ve read all four Little Pot books, you know they produce the same results. In each book, a vessel connects to its creator, finds its purpose, and serves other pottery pieces.

the seven rhythms of rooted are daily devotion, prayer, freedom from strongholds, sacrificial generosity, serve the community, share your story, and celebration.
During The Rooted Bible Study, participants engage in seven rhythms.

The Rooted Questions

We will be digging up answers to some difficult questions during this Rooted Bible Study. Roots are intertwined and hard to break. Likewise, the answers we unearth will be interconnected. Here is a list of the questions we will dig into during the weeks ahead. I hope you’ll follow each week and leave comments. I recommend you get your own copy of the workbook, too.

  • Who is God?
  • How does God Speak to me?
  • Where is God Amid Suffering?
  • Who is the enemy?
  • How can I make the Most of my Life?
  • What about making money?
  • How and why should I tell others?
  • Is church important?

Growing Fruit of the Spirit

Ultimately, this root system will be a part of how the Holy Spirit grows His fruit through us. Little Pot discovers that it is a vessel created to be a fruit pot. Little Pot’s fruit-bearing cycle explains more. Add your first name and email below, and we’ll send you the seven steps to growing the fruit of the Spirit. You will also be added to our Fruitful Friday email list so you can continue to … “Learn a lot from Little Pot!”

what is fruit of the spirit
Learn how the Potter grows the fruit of the Spirit through you.

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