The oil lamp and the cracked jar tell us Why it is important to let your light shine and tell others about Jesus.

Why is it Important to Let Your Light Shine and Tell Others About Jesus?

In a world of darkness, it is more important than ever to let your light shine. But what does that mean? It means we tell others about Jesus and do not hide our identity in Christ (our lights) under a bushel. By letting your light shine, you not only inspire others to do the same, but you also produce love, joy, peace, patience, and kindness (the fruit of the Spirit) into your life. When you let your light shine, you become a fruit-bearer and inspire others. Your light can illuminate the way for those lost in the darkness, showing them that there is still joy, love, peace, and goodness in the world. Your light can ignite a spark in others, motivating them to pursue their creator and meet a loving savior. So why is it important to let your light shine? Because the world needs this light.

Your unique story has the power to make a difference in the lives of others. Don’t hide your light. Embrace it, nurture it, and let it shine bright for all to see. So, are you ready to let your light shine and tell others about Jesus? Let’s join Oil Lamp and the other vessels as they embark on an illuminating journey together.

Why is it important to let your light shine for Jesus? Meet the Potter's vessels and let them explain.
Why is it important to let your light shine for Jesus? Meet the Potter’s vessels and let them explain.

Let’s meet the vessels.

Introducing Little Pot, Tea Pot, Oil Lamp, and Cracked Jar. These vessels are the characters in our picture books. They help us know the Potter. Little Pot shows us how the fruit of the Spirit grows. The Little Pot wonders why the Potter created it. After being given different things to hold, it discovers the Potter wants to grow fruit through it. Likewise, we are vessels where our creator desires to produce His fruit through us. The qualities of Little Pot’s Humusseedstemleaves, and flowers lead to strawberries. Comparatively, God cultivates the fruit of the Spirit through humility, God’s Word, integrity, relationships, and knowledge. You can receive details about that process by signing up here:

Tea Pot is a vessel that discovers it was created to serve others. When the Potter uses and fills us, He expects us to pour into others. The Oil Lamp is a vessel that overcomes shyness and fear and learns to shine the light the Potter gives it. Once it shines, the Potter places it on a pedestal. As it sits above the others, its oil runs low, and it begins to burn out. The Potter uses a cracked jar to help the oil lamp overcome burnout because the damaged jar is designed to fit in the hole atop the little lamp.

Why is it important to let your light shine?

In The Oil Lamp, the reason the little lamp must shine is that a storm is coming, and the other vessels will need light. Likewise, God expects us to shine for him during physical and mental storms. When others face darkness and trials, we can be their light to guide them through a difficult season. Our light will shine as we tell others our story. In The Oil Lamp book, when the Oil Lamp was afraid, Tea Pot and Little Pot share their personal stories. Through their life story, the lamp is encouraged to be brave. Sharing your life story with others is how you can shine, too. Your story will enable them to be brave.

How to tell others about Jesus

Believe it or not, God has equipped you perfectly to tell others about Jesus. If you are a Christian, you have a life story that God plans to use right where you are. This article will help you share the Good News of Jesus through your own unique experiences. Your story includes injustices and pain. Those are essential events that others need to know. Read more about the purpose of those events here.

Every good story includes a few essential elements. Usually, things start pretty good. Then something terrible happens, and the characters work toward a solution. It is good, then a problem occurs, a mission, and a solution. Little Pot shares the elements of a good story here. These elements are even in God’s own story, the Bible.

God's Story is the Light. We shine by telling others about Jesus.
God’s Story is the Light.

God’s Story, The Light

God’s story begins in Genesis when He creates the world. Just as the Potter forms vessels, God made all things, including humans. He created a perfect world with perfect human beings. They were in a close relationship, walking and talking with Him in the garden. However, people sinned and broke that relationship. Darkness represents the sin that now exists. Throughout the Bible, God’s mission is to restore the relationship and bring light into our lives.

Eventually, He sent His son, Jesus, to die on the cross, forgiving our sins once and for all. In John 8:12, Jesus claims to be the “Light of the World.” When we follow Jesus, we are not walking in sin or darkness anymore. Instead, we have the light of life!

Consequently, God’s story follows the process of good, problem, mission, and solution.

Your story is How God's light shines in your life.
Your story is His Light in your life.

Your Story, His Light in Your Life

Now, it’s time to transition to your story. The exact process should be in your account. You begin your life thinking all is good. Then, at some point, you make a mess of things. The sin and darkness become real. This is your life before Christ. This part of your story tells who you were before you met Jesus. What was your life like, who were your friends, and how did you cope?

Next is the mission when Christ saves you. In this part of your story, you recount the events and circumstances in which God made Himself known to you. Identify the steps that brought you to accept Jesus as your savior and Lord. How did you discover His forgiveness for your sins?

Finally, you are at the solution part of your story. Here, you share what your life is like now. How are you different? Your attitudes and behaviors will have changed. Your relationships with others are probably different, too. Likewise, your hopes and dreams may even have transformed. There will be a light inside you that was not previously there. And that light is Christ.

Tell Others About Jesus, Sharing the Light

Now that you’ve discovered God’s story and know how it fits into your life story, it is time to share it! Jesus tells us that we should not hide our lights. Lights were met to shine. Therefore, it is necessary to shine and share your light and story with others. This doesn’t mean we begin shouting our stories to everyone who passes by. We are to walk with God and follow His lead. As we meet people, we listen to their stories and care for their needs.

Each person you encounter is somewhere in their own story’s process. They may believe all is good and cannot see the darkness around them. If so, they’re unwilling to admit to the problems or needs in their life. Or, they may be right in the middle of problems, and they are on a mission to solve them. If that is the case, they seek light, and Jesus will want you to help guide them to the solution. You can do this by sharing your story and providing for their needs. They may seek one solution and then discover that Jesus was the answer they needed instead.

We shine when we tell others our Jesus story
We shine when we tell others our Jesus story.

Conclusion: Tell about Jesus, take the light off you

The thing about light is if you shine it on yourself, it is hard to see. The light we carry in us is meant to illuminate others. The world tells us that shining our light is when we acknowledge all the good things about ourselves. However, that isn’t what shining your light is all about. If the light is pointed at you and you are in the spotlight, it will be hard to see others. Similarly, the reason we don’t tell others about Jesus is that we are too busy focusing on ourselves and our agendas.

Your story concludes with your light helping others. You will do this as God grows the fruit of the Spirit through you. Like Oil Lamp, you will shine for others to see their way out of storms and darkness. As the cracked jar, you’ll use your wounds to give others what they need to shine. Like Tea Pot, you’ll pour into others and serve them what God has filled you with. And, like Little Pot, you will become a vessel that the Potter uses to grow His fruit.

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what is fruit of the spirit
Learn how the Potter grows the fruit of the Spirit through you.

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