what to get a kindergartener for graduation 4 books they will really love

What to get a kindergartener for graduation. Four books they will really love.

Graduating from kindergarten or preschool is a big milestone for young children, and you may be wondering what gift to give to celebrate their achievement. While toys and games are always popular choices, consider giving a gift that will last for years to come – a book. Here are some recommendations for books that will grow with your child from kindergarten all the way through twelfth grade.

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What to get a kindergartener for graduation can be a daunting decision. You want something they will really love. You also want a timeless keepsake. Additionally, it should be special to them throughout their school years. Five and six-year-olds love these books. Likewise, the message will continue to speak to them from first through twelfth grade.

what to get a kindergartener for graduation. these children's books
These books are what you should get a kindergartener for graduation.

The Little Pot is what to get a kindergartener for graduation.

The potter creates a vessel in the inspirational children’s book, The Little Pot. This vessel is eager to discover its purpose. With each item it holds, it wonders if this task is its purpose. Holding papers makes it feel smart. Holding coins makes the little pot feel rich. However, both items are not what the potter allows the clay vessel to keep. Then, the potter puts dirt inside the little pot. The clay vessel now wonders even more what its purpose is. Unbeknown to the little vessel, the potter has planted something in the soil, and it is beginning to grow something inside. Eventually, the plant blooms beautiful flowers. Is its purpose to be pretty? Not exactly. The flowers do not last. Ultimately, they turn to fruit, and the vessel realizes its purpose does not come from what it holds but from what is produced.

the little pot graduation gift
The Little Pot book makes a great gift.

The little pot becomes a vessel to grow fruit. Your kindergartener or preschooler is like Little Pot because he/she is also a vessel made by the potter, God, to grow the fruit of the Spirit. Consider giving The Little Pot book when searching for the best gifts for kindergarten graduation.

The Tea Pot is what to get a kindergartener for graduation.

Another book that makes a great kindergarten graduation gift is The Tea Pot. In this book, the potter grows fruit through Little Pot as he makes more vessels from clay. As other vessels are made, Little Pot watches and begins to compare himself to them. One day the potter makes a vessel that will serve a different purpose. It is a teapot. As the potter makes tea inside this vessel, Little Pot wonders if the teapot is better. The teapot makes delicious tea. However, the vessels become frustrated when the potter continually pours out the liquid and picks the fruit. Selfishly, they want to keep their fruit and tea. The Potter allows it. Eventually, the fruit rots, and the tea spoils. Finally, the vessels realize they need the potter and ask him to clean and prune them. He does, and the vessels can now serve others.

The Tea Pot makes a great gift for a kindergartener.
The Tea Pot book makes an excellent gift for a kindergartener.

Your kindergarten graduate is like Tea Pot and Little Pot in this story because they were created to serve others.

The Oil Lamp is an excellent kindergarten graduation gift.

In the third inspirational children’s book, Tea Pot and Little Pot, have learned to serve the potter and others. Likewise, their relationship with the potter continues to grow. Then a potter creates a small oil lamp. The purpose of this vessel is to shine a light on the other vessels. The potter knows that a storm is coming and light is needed. The new clay vessel, however, is too shy to shine its light and hides under other vessels. When it finally does become bold enough to shine, it flares up and burns the other vessels. After hearing the testimonies of Little Pot and Tea Pot, the oil lamp has the faith it needs to shine brightly for the potter.

The Oil Lamp makes a great gift.
The Oil Lamp book makes a great gift.

Through this book, your kindergartener or preschool graduate can learn to be like Little Pot and Tea Pot and share their testimonies with others. They also will learn to be like Oil Lamp and shine the light that the potter, God, gives them. That is why these books make excellent gifts for kindergarten graduation.

Burnout Fit In is what to get a kindergartener for graduation.

Finally, the fourth book is a brand new edition to the series. It is being released on May 1, 2023.

Burnout Fit In is what to get for Kindergarten graduation
Burnout Fit In is what to buy a kindergartener or preschooler for their graduation gift.

In this brand-new book, the oil lamp is facing burnout. It is running low on oil and needs the potter to replenish it. The potter does but in an unexpected way. He uses a forgotten cracked jar. The wound of this vessel filters the oil into the lamp so it can continue to shine. As your kindergartener or preschooler grows up with this story, they will understand that oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Likewise, they learn that they need others around them to keep shining. As bad things happen to them throughout their life, they will also recognize that those wounds can help others. That is why Burnout Fit In is a what to get a kindergartener for graduation.

Here’s a video explaining the book.

Become a fruit-bearing vessel like Little Pot!

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what is fruit of the spirit and how to grow and cultivate it

You can purchase these books here in our store, and they can be signed by the author specifically for your little graduate. The books are also available on Amazon.

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